As a global leader in home air quality testing technology, Air Toxic Ltd. developed the AirLab Test Kit to give homeowners the ability to measure and test indoor air quality using accessible and affordable technology. The state-of-the-art air quality test kit is the result of more than 20 years of experience with world leaders in outdoor and home air quality testing such as the EPA, the Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Navy, research firms and other public and private organizations.

Throughout our company’s growth and development we became increasing aware of the dangers of toxins commonly found in outdoor air and, consequently, entering indoor environments. We observed that while large entities such as government agencies were able to measure air pollutants, homeowners lacked the tools to test indoor air quality and to take measures to improve the quality of air their families breathe 90 percent of the year. According to the EPA, levels of toxins in the home can be up to 5 times higher than those found outdoors.

Our home air test kit is easy to use; results are clearly presented, and remediation options are outlined. AirLab developed three effective indoor air testing kits to address the most common indoor air quality problems: The complete AirLab Home Air Quality Test Kit, the VOC Air Quality Test kit, and our VOC and Formaldehyde indoor air quality test kit. Volatile Organic Compounds and Formaldehyde are known health concerns that are clearly identified and measured with the AirLab indoor air quality test kits.


This home air testing kit provides users with a comprehensive measurement of chemicals known to negatively impact health. The results include identified carcinogenic chemicals and others which are on the EPA’s air quality list of “probable” carcinogens. Indoor air quality test results include the concentration of chemicals, the risk posed by each, health effects and an explanation of possible sources of the particular chemical. In addition, our indoor air quality test includes a graph showing the level of risk to exposure. The complete Indoor Home Air Quality Test Kit provides information on VOC measurement results, Radon levels, and mold and allergen air quality estimates. Each section is clearly organized and includes links to information about the elements identified in the indoor air test kit.


If your indoor air quality concerns focus specifically on Volatile Organic Compounds, AirLab’s precise VOC air test kit delivers the concise results you want. According to the EPA, indoor air quality that contains VOCs may pose a threat to your family’s health, depending upon concentration and length of exposure. Interestingly, the agency also points out than concentrations of VOCs in your home are usually higher than outdoors – making indoor air quality testing a good precautionary measure. Common household items containing VOCs include paint, cleaning supplies, pesticides, glues, permanent markers and office equipment such as copiers and printers. In today’s home-office environment, indoor air quality testing for VOCs makes good sense!


Another addition to our suite of indoor air quality testing products is the kit that measures VOCs along with the presence of Formaldehyde. The latter (Formaldehyde) is of particular concern because of the prevalence of the chemical in the construction industry. According to the National Cancer Institute, Formaldehyde is used in plywood, particleboard and fiberboard, and in some insulation materials – prime materials in home building. The International Agency for Research on Cancer classified Formaldehyde as cancer-causing and the EPA has it listed as a “probable” cause of cancer. An indoor air quality test kit reveals the level of risk that’s present in your home from VOCs and this Formaldehyde. Our Indoor Air Test Kit also guides you to resources to minimize the effect of these compounds on your family’s health.


AirLab’s indoor air quality test kits are designed to be affordable. Considering the extremely high cost of health care today, disease prevention is an investment that pays dividends in the future. Results from a home air quality test kit arms homeowners with specific information about the presence of pollutants – and offers simple solutions to mitigate potential harm. AirLab’s home air quality test kits – peace of mind for pennies on the dollar.


The report provides your results in three main categories:
  • Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) results
  • Radon levels
  • Mold and Allergen estimation
And for each category you'll find lots of valuable information. Here's how we've organized things:
  • Chemical or Hazard Name
  • Level of hazard present in your home
  • VOC Risk Rating, Radon Action Rating, and Allergen Abundance Rating
  • Comparison of your VOC and Radon results to typical indoor air levels
  • Additional links to the AirLab library, including sources of hazards and chemicals, health effects, and suggestions on ways to reduce hazard levels

All testing is done by a government accredited laboratory.